E-mail Disclaimer and Terms of Use

This E-mail Disclaimer and Terms of Use (Disclaimer) has been adopted by and applies to:

409812 BC Ltd. doing business as:                 DDP Consulting Group (DDP),

                                                                       Dynamic Datacorp People (DDP),

                                                                       International Business Dynamics (IBD),

                                                                       Patient Centered Systems (PCS),

and Associated Companies:                              Canada Robotics Ltd. (CRL),

who are collectively referred to as "We" or "Us" or "Our".

Domain references to:                                     ddp.ca owned by DDP,

                                                                      crl.ca owned by CRL,

are owned by Us, each as an individual domain owner, and are  referred to as "Website(s)"; or "Webpage(s)" or "Our Domain(s)".

Purpose of this Disclaimer

This disclaimer covers E-mail sent from Our Domains.

Restricted Distribution

The information transmitted is intended only for the person to whom it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. If you have received an E-mail in error please notify Us and then delete all copies of the E-mail from your computer systems.

Any use of, or any action relying upon, information in an E-mail by persons other than the intended recipient is prohibited.

Integrity of Transmission

Although We scan incoming and outgoing E-mail and E-mail attachments for viruses we cannot guarantee a communication to be free of all viruses nor can We accept any responsibility for viruses, trojans, spyware or other malware. We also cannot be responsible for any E-mail claiming to be from Us, where the sender is illegally using any of Our domains in the E-mail address.


Although We monitor incoming and outgoing E-mail for inappropriate content, the We cannot be held responsible for the views or expressions of the author. The views expressed may not necessarily be those of Us and We cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury resulting from the contents of a message.


Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information regarding E-mail privacy.


Current as of February 24, 2004